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6 Unique Kitchen Faucets

With the recent Swine Flu scare, you’ve probably gotten to know your kitchen faucet well, what with all that obsessive hand washing.

But have you taken a good, hard look at it lately? From cute to classy, we’ve got 6 unique kitchen faucets that will get your imagination going… think outside the kitchen sink!

The American Standard 7191.142 Amarilis Bar/Prep/Entertainment Faucet

delicate faucet

At first glance, this faucet doesn’t look terribly interesting.

It’s only when you notice it’s called an entertainment faucet that your brain starts to melt.

Just what are people using this faucet for?

I’m off to make a list of all the ways I can be entertained by my new faucet friend.

(We found this one at

Rohl A1458XWS 3 Leg Bridge Double-Handled Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

clunky faucet
This faucet could rough you up in a dark alley. Twice.

It’s got a clunky, masculine look that will nicely offset a dainty kitchen or on the other hand, complement a bachelor pad.

(It clunked here all the way over from

Belle Foret N156 03 Kitchen Faucet

old timey faucet

Get back in the Delorean, you’ve gone too far!

This faucet kind of looks like an old timey telephone, so that’s a major plus… for people that like old timey telephones!

If you’re into steampunk or think your home might suddenly travel back in time, this faucet is a requirement. Riverview Plumbers

(This one’s also over at

KWC 10.271.033 Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Pullout Spray

single handle faucetIt's hammer time!

"The Hammer" would be this unique kitchen faucet’s wrestler name, but we're not sure who would win if it got into a fight with ol' clunky up above. Lincoln Park Plumber

There’s nothing at all frilly about this single-handle work of art, so if you’re afraid of seeming fashion-forward, no worries here. Melvindale Plumbing

(This one lives at

Hansgrohe 38840 Double Handle Single Hole Kitchen Facuet with Gooseneck Spout

gooseneck faucet

For that “mesmerizing” effect, sometimes you just have to go “minimalist.” And that’s the aim of the Hansgrohe.

Folks who like to keep things basic will find this a chic addition to their kitchen. Ecorse Plumber

(This one's also at, which seems to be a good place to hang out if you're a weird faucet)

karbon faucetKarbon™ articulating deck-mount kitchen faucet

If you're the type to sing while washing dishes (we do), this is the faucet for you.

It looks like a microphone and will no doubt appease your inner rock star as your off-key songs fill your happy home with cacophony. Southgate Plumber

Trust us, whoever is willing to pioneer the real microphone-faucet combination line of products is going to be a millionaire. Wyandotte Plumber

(Image courtesy of Kohler)

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infamous plumbersEmpires rise and fall on good plumbing.

A proper plumber can get any job done.

A bad plumber can get you dead.

Make sure to thoroughly research the next Pipe Fitter you invite into your home and, at all costs, you should avoidthese top five infamous plumbers:

Infamous Plumber #5 – John Gotti

john gotti

Plumbing supply salesman John Gotti was convicted on multiple counts of murder, extortion, tax evasion and racketeering. At his 1992 trial, Gotti was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences and stood revealed as the boss of the Gambino Crime Family.

This marked the end of Gotti’s Riverview plumbing career. He would have to trade his overalls and tool belt for an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.

He spent the rest of his life in a maximum security prison at the mercy of a low flow toilet.

Infamous Plumber #4 – Super Mario

super mario

Most people remember Super Mario as a brave Ecorse plumber on a quest to save the sewer princess from a land of sentient fungus…or something.

In reality, Mario is subtle, communist style propaganda. Notice his passion for the color red, uncanny resemblance to Joseph Stalin and the red star flag he raises at every castle he conquers?

Super Mario, and his less politically minded brother Luigi, are Marxist puppets sent to depose our leaders and replace them with heroes of the proletariat.

Infamous Plumber #3 – Joe the Plumber

joe the plumber

During the 2008 campaign for President, Joe the Melvindale Plumber became a media sensation. He accused then Senator Barrack Obama of taxing his business into bankruptcy.

In reality; Joe didn’t pay taxes, wasn’t a Flat Rock plumber and never voted. That didn’t stop Senator John McCain from turning Joe into the central talking point of his failed run for the White House.

Joe the Ecorse Plumber is considering a career in congress as Joe the Politician. His experience shoveling crap should come in handy.

Infamous Plumber #2 – Thomas Crapper

thomas crapper

Speaking of crap…Thomas Crapper is the guy who invented the toilet. Except that he didn’t.

He actually manufactured them in Europe around WWI. Soldiers coming back from the front brought together Crapper’s name and the toilet. They saw the words “T. Crapper” printed on the tanks and coined the slang “crapper” meaning toilet.

He served as the royal sanitary engineer for England’s King but was never knighted. Crapper continues to get dumped on today as some historians doubt his very existence.

Infamous Plumber #1 – The Roman Plumberi

lead pipe

I’m cheating but there wasn’t just one bad Melvindale plumber in ancient Rome. They were all criminally negligent.

Early  Ecorse plumbers used lead pipes in the homes of their affluent clients. Lead poisoning is a commonly accepted explanation for the dementia of Roman emperors like Caligula and Nero.

Illness spread to the populace as indoor plumbing became common practice. Citizens migrated away, the capital moved and the empire splintered. The fall of Rome brought a thousand years of medieval squalor and sickness to the world.

Never underestimate the importance of a good plumber!

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  1. Wakefield Plumbers says:

    Very interesting blog. I think the section about Super Mario is rather amusing but not sure if the designers had those thoughts in mind when making the game.

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